Fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur? Think you've tried all the best wines that Europe has to offer? Well, think again! Portugal is home to a wealth of delicious wines that are just waiting to be discovered. You may still remember the viral video of the Portuguese wine flood on social media. No need to fly to Portugal when you can start your journey with Portuguese wine with our ultimate Portuguese wine case. 

While Port wine has long been the star of Portugal's wine industry, the country's repertoire extends far beyond this renowned fortified classic. The vineyards of Portugal are overflowing with indigenous grape varieties that produce an impressive diversity of red, white, and rosé wines. Each bottle conveys a distinct sense of terroir, making Portuguese wines a pleasant discovery for all. From the sun-drenched Alentejo to the cool, terraced Douro Valley, with over 250 grape varieties, many exclusive to Portugal, and a mix of traditional and modern winemaking techniques, there's a wine style to suit every taste. Whether you prefer the earthy richness of a Dão red or the crisp elegance of an Alvarinho from Vinho Verde, Portugal's wines offer a truly immersive journey through its terroir and culture.

Portuguese wines remain one of the wine world's best-kept secrets, offering exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Because Portuguese wines are relatively unknown, you may find top-quality bottles for a fraction of the price of wines from more well-known places. This is an excellent opportunity to stock your cellar with exceptional wines without breaking the bank.

What's Special About The Ultimate Portuguese Wine Case?

At The Secret Vine, we're passionate about sharing the hidden gems of the wine world, and this mixed wine case deal is no exception. Here's why it's an offer you can't resist:

  • Carefully Selected by The Secret Vine Team: Our experts have scoured Portugal's vineyards to handpick the finest wines, ensuring you get a taste of the country's most exceptional offerings.
  • Best Value for Great Portuguese Wines: Many of these wines are hard to find in the UK, but we've secured them for you at an unbeatable price. This offer is the peak of value and quality.
  • One Case to Discover All: With this mixed wine case, you can embark on a comprehensive journey through Portugal's wine landscape, from the aromatic whites of Vinho Verde to the bold reds made from Touriga Nacional, all in a single, convenient delivery.

What you will taste with this mixed wine case?

3 crisp, delicious Portuguese white wines


For those who appreciate the rare beauty of volcanic wines, Arquipélago is a must-try.  Offering tropical and lemony aromas, subtle vegetal hints, and a captivating sea minerality, the wine hails from Portugal’s volcanic island, Azores. The rich soil and distinctive terroir impart a vibrant acidity, persistent ripe fruit notes and a saline touch to the wine. This unique white is sure to please the curious wine novice as well as the most seasoned connoisseur. 

Colossal Reserva Branco

A wine provides an extraordinarily refreshing sensation. Exotic fruity flavours and refreshing acidity, with wonderful floral overtones. The delicate balance of citrus and oak from barrel aging results in an incredibly flavourful wine that captures the particular minerality of Lisbon. The Secret Vine invites you to have a sip and be transported to Lisbon's colourful streets.

Tiroliro Vinho Verde Branco

The famous Portuguese green wine, Vinho Verde. This wine is a brilliant fusion of four renowned grape varieties, resulting in a vibrant, youthful, and fruit-packed delight. With its zesty acidity, it's the ultimate match for fish, seafood, salads, and your next movie night or family dinner. The Secret Vine's most versatile pick!

2 vibrant, refreshing Portuguese rose wines

Rose Blend Portugal

Picture this: A glass of beautifully pink perfection with a zingy acidity that dances on your palate. It's like a strawberry symphony in your mouth! Ideal for picnics, seaside soirées, and fruit salads. Summer never ends if order now and raise your glass! 

Tiroliro Vinho Verde Rose

A powerful blast of red fruits and blackberries, not just attractive in pink. It's the perfect aperitif companion, delicate and refreshing. But hold on, there's more! For a wonderful culinary dance, pair it with fish, seafood, or salads. This is your new best friend if you like salmon and salad.

6 rich and robust Portuguese red wines

Ciggala Reserva

When the indigenous Tinta Barroca meets the popular Shiraz, the fruit explosion happens. Featuring ripe red and black fruit flavours, Ciggala Reserva is a perfect example of a harmonious blend of Portuguese tradition and modern, international winemaking. This rich, intense and spicy fruit bomb is ideal for friends and family gatherings! 

Colossal Reserva Red

This award-winning wine is a sensory masterpiece! With a seductive ruby hue, it captivates with intense red fruit aromas, subtle florals, and a spicy oak embrace. On the palate, it's a symphony of plums and blackberries, culminating in a rich, elegant finish. Award-winning wine for a celebratory moment. 

Mosaico de Portugal Red

A fruity carnival in every bottle! It's a smooth sipper brimming with rich flavours, with scents of luscious red and black fruits. Oak flavours and moderate acidity tango on the palate. Ideal for sunny days, BBQs, and Sunday feasts with family and friends. Now is the time to open the bottle and get the party started! 


Made from the indigenous Sousao and Alicante Bouschet grapes. Its dark, inky tone and violet hues are just the prelude. Aromas explode with concentrated luscious black fruit, chocolate, and a hint of spice. But it's the wine's exquisite structure that truly captivates, with rich tannins promising a full-bodied experience and age potential. Why Opaco? It has everything that an amazing wine should have! 

Touriga Nacional

Meet Touriga Nacional, Portugal's "national" grape sensation. This wine is as deep and intense as your last Netflix binge. With flowery, chocolate, and berry jam notes dancing in perfect harmony with oak ageing, it's like a symphony in a bottle. Ready to enjoy now but aging like a fine wine. What are you waiting for?  Get yours now and enjoy the feast!


Touriz isn't just wine; it's your trusted confidant for every occasion. It has a beautiful balance of aromas of cherries, plums, and blackcurrants. Highly rated by wine media, it's your ideal companion for celebrating life's accomplishments, as it's concentrated, rich, and laden with ripe fruit overtones. Receive the bottle and read to make a toast to life!

Don't miss out on this fantastic Portuguese wine journey. The Secret Vine's mixed wine case deal allows you to discover the secrets of Portugal's wine culture one bottle at a time. Order your case now for a 5% discount and free UK delivery!

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