You + family, friends, colleagues + great vineyards across the Globe + amazing wines + some spirits + superb wine chat = The Secret Vine Tour.


After being inside for so long over the past couple of years, it is definitely time to "go out, out" - as Micky Flanagan once said. Outside in the fresh air to see English vines and try lots of English wine – with us acting as your friendly designated driver and wine aficionado.

Just think of it now ...
You, mixed with great local vineyards, trying new amazing wines, perhaps some gin, supported by our best wine chat.  What better way to bond with a new experience, have a load of laughs and discover a wide variety of incredible wines, all whilst growing your wine knowledge?

These aren't your usual wine tours – we focus more on the drinking of the wine, with a little of bit technical knowledge (unless you want the full ‘master of wine’ experience). Tell us what you would like to get from your tour, alongside dates and timings, and we’ll sort out the rest.

Package 1: Exploring the hidden Swiss wine regions

Are the Swiss Alps hiding the Swiss wines? We will have to go together to unravel this mystery and taste the Alps! During this four day wine tour you will discover the finesse of Swiss wines such as Chasselas and Gamaret, consume traditional Swiss gastronomy and visiting breath taking vineyards. 

Package 2: The Secret Portugal - A journey into the volcanic and secret wines from the Azores Islands!

The Azores is an oceanic archipelago located in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean. Some of the Azores islands hide wines that were among the most appreciated by Czars and the European royals. In this wine tour we will visit these small islands with picturesque scenery, exclusive wines and traditional food.  

Package 3:  Tasting the wine that Jesus Christ drank - A wine historical tour to Israel

These biblical regions, such as Galilee, Golan Heights or Judean mountains hides from the most ancient and secret wines in the world. In this five days wine tour, you will have the opportunity to discover the ancient world of wines with a modern and vibrant wine industry amid biblical scenery!

Package 4:  Champagne demystified!

If you are a Champagne lover, this is definitely your wine tour! Four days in the heart of Champagne, discovering how these bubbles are made to perfection! We will take you into a journey where you will visit and taste the big names of Champagne but also the most secret artisan winemakers! Raise your glasses!

Package 5:  The Northern Lights Wine Tasting Experience (only in winter)

Who said that in Northern Europe there is no wine? We take the wine and you together in this unforgettably and exclusive wine experience. Three nights with the most secret wines in the world under the magical northern lights in Tromso, Norway, right in the heart of the Aurora Borealis zone. 

Package 6: Wine-Sailing in Malta (Spring and Summer season)

You probably know Malta, but Maltese wines are still very unkown in the world. In this three-days wine tour, we will invite you to come sailing and discover Malta's secret wines. You just need to relax and let us sail you through the turquoise waters, with a glass in your hand. Cheers!

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