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Do you deliver abroad?

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Want the good news first? OK. Well yes we can. The bad news? It can take anytime between 5-25 days (sometimes longer) following “recent changes” and the recipient will most likely have to pay duties when it arrives on their border. Delivery cost for Europe is around £20. 

But don’t be disheartened, we can still make it happen but we just want to be very open and honest with you on the state of play with international deliveries - as frustrating as it is!

Note - there is no way we could account for duties in the pricing for a foreign order as it varies by every order, customer, country etc

Do you have a wine club?

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Now that is an idea! But we'd rather it be a little unconventional, a rather Secret Vine Wine Club. Intrigued? Sign up to our newsletter below to hear more.

My wine arrived like it had been in a fight with a honey badger. Help!

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We get it. Honey Badgers are badass (don't believe us? Google them). But fear not, we are here to help. Send us a quick email along with some photos and we'll take care of it and send out a replacement straight away.

I need wine now, how long will it take to get to me?

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Me too. But we are here for you first. We'll send you wine ASAP. Deliveries are next working day if you order the day before by 2pm. Orders placed after Thursday 2pm will arrive on Monday. We cannot send wine on bank holidays, so please allow an extra day.

A Saturday delivery option is available but at extra cost and again you’ll need to order before 2pm Friday to get it on time.

Simply can't wait? Well, if you find yourself in our neck of the Essex woods, give us a shout and we will see what we can do.

I'm having an event and need booze. What can you do?

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We love a good bash but we really love it when we are loading the bar up with goodness. 

Our events team can curate wines from across the UK or if you want, just wines locally sourced from nearby to you. You can discover more here or give us a shout to speak to us directly. 

I bought some wine that I don't like. What should I do?

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No prob. It happens. Tell us about it. We stand by our wine, but if you aren't happy, then neither are we and we will make it good.

Fun stuff

A "Vine-O" is what exactly?

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A Vine-O. A member of our incredible clan of customers who are proud to be part of the no-nonsense wine revolution and to shout from the hills about how great English Wine really is. We love you guys.

How much wine do you guys drink each day?

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Just enough to keep you lot happy. And us. On that note, stay tuned as we've got even more wine coming from further afield!

Cork or screw?

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Ah, the age old question. Well, not that old. In short, it doesn't matter. As a matter of fact however, corks are actually better for the environment as it's much more sustainable and requires much less energy to produce.

What makes you guys so different?

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We just got fed up with the wine industry endlessly speaking to itself. Instead we want to speak to you, make you happy, scratch your back, whatever it takes to get you thinking different about wine.

Can you really tell a wine by the label?

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Sometime you win, sometimes you lose. It's always a gamble. But that shouldn't be the case. This is what gets us angry (sorry, we'll calm down a bit now). But why should it be like this? Someone? Anyone? Right, so try reading what we have to say about the wine and let us know what you think. We are always looking to improve. 

Can I open a bottle of wine with a shoe?

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Yes, yes you can. Check out our video on instagram for this and other mischief. 

Why do you park on a driveway?

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Can someone PLEASE answer this question. Best answer gets a free bottle of magic from us.

I don't even like wine, no idea why I'm reading this, what should I do?

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Hey you made it this far, well done. Might as well give it a go now. Check out our Secret Wine Starter case to get you going. Shameless plug over.

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