If you want a wine that is sophisticated yet approachable— a wine you can enjoy on a chill, cosy night with loved ones or at a vibrant house party, a wine to savour during summer days by the pool or in colder seasons with some well-spiced hearty dishes— and, as it's the holiday season, a wine that can be enjoyed by all, turns out, you can have it all. Black Chalk Classic, a highly acclaimed English sparkling wine hailing from Hampshire, is your ultimate choice.

English sparkling wine has risen to extraordinary heights on the world wine scene, gaining acclaim for its quality and elegance. Southern England's mild temperature and chalky soils are strikingly similar to the terroir of Champagne, establishing the groundwork for outstanding sparkling wines. 

Let us reveal the skill embodied in each bottle of Black Chalk Classic as we delve into the realm of English sparkling wine.

The Craftsmanship Behind Black Chalk Classic

Black Chalk Classic is more than just a wine; it represents the Leadley family's commitment to displaying the best of Hampshire. This small-batch sparkling wine, created by award-winning winemaker Jacob Leadley, represents the essence of traditional winemaking. The use of oak barrels and lengthy lees ageing, together with the careful selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, leads in a fruit-driven, well-balanced, and crisp English sparkling wine.


In 2015, the Black Chalk journey began with grapes sourced from local Hampshire vineyards. Fast forward to today, and Black Chalk boasts 12 hectares of established vineyards across three sites in the picturesque Test Valley, Hampshire. 

These vineyards, cultivating 34 different clone and rootstock combinations, enable the creation of various small-batch sparkling wines, each telling a unique story of Hampshire's terroir.

The commitment to quality extends to the new home of Black Chalk, a haven in Hampshire with a state-of-the-art winery and tasting room. 

Winemaker-led and driven by a small, passionate team, Black Chalk brings Hampshire's potential elegantly to the bottle, offering unforgettable experiences for wine enthusiasts.


How Does Black Chalk Classic Taste Like

When you open a bottle of Black Chalk Classic, the light golden-yellow wine with fine, constant bubbles catches your eye. The nose reveals fresh fruits—lively citrus, crisp green apple, and subtle white flower notes. 

On the palate, orchard fruits prevail, echoing the green apple on the nose, complemented by white peach and juicy pears, with brioche undertones adding complexity. 

As you savour the wine, the fine, mousse-like bubbles are pleasant on the palate, marked by a clean, crisp finish. It's a medium-bodied, elegant yet very easy-to-drink traditional method sparkling wine—nowhere too heavy or overly brioche.

What To Pair With Black Chalk Classic

The choices for pairing with Black Chalk Classic are as varied as its tasting profile. Seafood, white fish, salads, and light pasta dishes are ideal matches for a fruit-forward, delicate sparkling wine like this. The freshness of the shellfish and green vegetables is complemented by the crisp acidity, and the nuanced tones suit the lightly seasoned, delicate foods. 

For the adventurous palate, explore creative pairings with Asian savoury dishes, deep-fried finger food, fish and chips, or the bold flavours of Korean spicy stew and sushi. The acidity effectively cuts through the grease of oily deep-fried food, while the fruitiness provides a harmonious match for savoury and spicy flavours. 

Additionally, the bubbles act as a palate cleanser after encountering strong flavours, preparing your taste buds for the next delightful bite. The versatility of Black Chalk Classic ensures it can elevate any dining experience.

Highly Acclaimed by Industry Experts

Since its release, Black Chalk Classic has gained a number of positive reviews from wine critics, journalists and renowned wine experts. Don't just take our word for it; let the see the resounding acclaim for Black Chalk Classic expressed by industry experts.Tamlyn Currin from janciscrobinson.com lauds the wine's remarkable fruit, describing it as intensely vibrant and far from simple. 

Sylvia Wu of decanter.com captures the essence of the nose with notes of toasty citrus, seashells, and crushed minerals.  Peter Richards MW described it as “one of the most exciting new releases in the English wine scene”. These reviews  underscore the exceptional qualities that define Black Chalk Classic, cementing its status as a standout in the world of English sparkling wines.

Order Your Bottles of Black Chalk Classic Now

Black Chalk Classic is the ideal companion for a wedding reception, a milestone achievement, or a casual evening gathering. The effervescence and elegance of this exceptional English sparkling wine will elevate both memorable events and mundane daily life. 

Begin your adventure with Black Chalk Classic today, diving in the complexity of Hampshire's terroir as made by the Black Chalk team with precision and devotion. Don't pass up the chance to taste this English sparkling wine, which is a true reflection of heritage and innovation. 

Visit The Secret Vine to get your hands on a bottle of Black Chalk Classic. Toast to elegance and rejoice with sophistication - Black Chalk Classic is ready for you to open.

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