The Secret Sip Issue 2 - Winter 2023
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The Secret Sip Issue 2 - Winter 2023

An Inspired and Informative Wine and Lifestyle Magazine

With the advent of December, colours of red, green, and gold, and trees with shimmering lights, begin to invade people’s homes and public spaces worldwide. Suddenly, we can listen to Mariah Carey on every radio station and everywhere in town... This is a sign that a festive time is fast approaching: Christmas!!

With 12 different sections, we tried to put together the best wine and lifestyle information for this Christmas Issue! For instance, we bring you the best wines our team have chosen for their Christmas celebrations, as well as a section where we explore wines to pair with festive Christmas food and what and how people ate and drank on Christmas during the Victorian era.

We invite you to visit the best wine places to try wines when travelling around the amazing and, to some extent, underrated Portugal! In our wine scientific news section, we will discover what scientists are doing to deal with the phenomenon of wildfires and their imminent impact on the taste of wines. As well as enriching your

wine learning, we offer you the chance to get to know the research of an expert on Oenology who is dealing with vine and wine adaption to climate change and its impact on wines in the future. In our wine lifestyle article, we explore the most secret wine gems in the world: Finnish wines, up there in Santa Claus’ official home, in Lapland.

Want to grab that French touch in London’s busy nightlife? We bring here for you the best spots. This and much more! Sit down, always with your glass of wine in hands, and just relax and enjoy the reading!

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In this issue:

Wine and lifestyle

Lapland Arctic wine!

Wine still life competition

Discover the winner - Sideways 

Wine Scientific news

Wildfires and smoked tainted grapes

Wine featured star interview

Behind the curtains of Wine Blast podcast - Peter and Susie

Wine and philosophy 

Wholesome libations

Wine city review

That French touch

Wine destination

Take me to Portugal 

Wine experts viewpoint

Wines of the future

Wine and food

Christmas food and wine

Wine review

Christmas festive wines

Wine postcard

From Barcelona with Madonna and wine!

Next issue

Spring time! 

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