Welcome, wine lover. Wondering what The Secret Vine is all about? We started this concept to give our customers two things: 1) a shortcut to great wines, chosen by experts, and 2) a way to enjoy wine in the same way the experts do.

Plenty of people love drinking wine, but don’t have the confidence to select quality wines themselves. For some, this results in buying the same bottles over and over again. Others just pick the most appealing label. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course - but choice paralysis is what many people find off-putting about wine. 

This is why The Secret Vine offers one case of wine at a time. We want you to trust us. As a team of seasoned experts who live and breathe wine, we take time and care curating our cases.

Our wine cases are designed to be enjoyed during a particular seasonal moment, so they change several times a year. And accompanying each case is a manual, which you can use to enjoy our wines to their fullest.

Still curious? Let’s delve a little deeper into the concept.

One case, one very special occasion

The Secret Vine’s case of wine is curated towards a single seasonal occasion - an occasion that we want you to celebrate to the fullest. From long summer dinners in the garden to festive Christmas blowouts, our wines will capture the essence of the moment.

Our expert team uses their extensive knowledge to find top-quality wines - often from little-known vineyards and niche suppliers. We take sourcing very seriously, forming exclusive partnerships with winemakers to ensure we’re getting the best. These aren’t bottles you’ll find in the supermarket.

We curate these special wines according to seasonal food pairings, and structure them around traditional festivities. Seafood on Christmas eve, champagne on Christmas morning and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings? Our wines will bring the best out of every moment.

A deeper appreciation for what you drink

The cases we send out don't just contain fantastic wines. We also include an accessible manual, describing the origins, tasting notes and pairing suggestions for each wine we’ve selected. This acts like a guided wine tasting, helping you enjoy each one more fully.

The wine manual is how we hope to provide a truly special experience to our customers. Of course, you can simply uncork and get stuck in. But reading the wine manual as you taste a wine will give you a deeper appreciation for its individual flavours. And in our experience, that enhances enjoyment.

As well as details of how to enjoy the individual wines, we also include information about the history of certain traditions, as well as general tasting and pairing tips from our experts. With our manual, you’ll get more out of what you’re drinking.

Why trust us?

It stands to reason that if you’re going to splash out on a celebratory case of wine, you need to trust the person who put it together. The Secret Vine was founded by Neil Walker: wine expert, winemaker and founder of The English Vine (award-winning retailer of English wines). 

We’ve also got scientist Dr. Heber Rodrigues on board. Heber holds a PhD in Sensory Sciences and Perception from the University of Burgundy in France, and is a respected expert in wine and food pairing.

Neil’s team of connoisseurs brings a wealth of experience - and they’re relishing the opportunity to look beyond English wine. Plus, we’ve been selling wine online for years, so we know a thing or two about sending it around the world safely.

See our current wine case

Are you planning a special occasion? Want to accompany it with a case of some really special wines? Take a look at what The Secret Vine has put together for this season here.

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